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The permit fee estimator and sheets below are meant as general guides for permit costs. Contact Permit Processing for the most complete information and to discuss permit fees and payment options. For permits requiring deposits, you will receive invoices monthly that reflect hours worked for review and/or inspection services.

Permit Fee Estimator

The Permit Fee Estimator is a quick and easy tool that can provide general information about permits and their potential cost. It is not the actual permit fee or a quote, just an estimate of what cost you may incur based on the information you provide.

Permit Fee Sheets

Clearing & Grading Permit Fees

Commercial & Residential Building Permit Fees

Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing Permit Fees

Fire Permit Fees

Inspection Fees

Land Use Permit Fees

Right of Way Permit Fees

Sign Permit Fees

Transportation Impact Fees

Utilities Permit Fees

Wireless Communication Permit Fees

When to Pay Fees

Permit fees come in two categories:

  1. Submittal: These are fees you pay when you apply for your permit and cover plan-review and administrative services.
  2. Issuance: These are fees you pay when your permit and approved plans are issued; these fees generally cover inspection and administrative services, and may include impact fees, where applicable.

Submittal and issuance fees can be a flat fee or a deposit.

Fee Payment Options

You must apply for your permit online and upload pdf plans through MyBuildingPermit. You can pay your fees:

  • Online through MyBuildingPermit with a Visa, Mastercard or e-check.
  • In person at City Hall with cash, check or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
  • By phone at 425-452-6875 with a Visa or Mastercard.

Please note that regardless of how you pay your fees, your permit will be issued electronically.

E-check Transaction Guidelines

  1. The authorization web page and transaction guidelines will be comply with NACHA rules and Reg E., as applicable.
  2. The City of Bellevue will do, at minimum, a yearly audit of the process.
  3. The City of Bellevue will provide, upon request, a hard copy of the transaction to the customer for transactions that occurred over the two-year retention period.
  4. The City of Bellevue will work with the payment processor to ensure that security processes and procedures are up to date.
  5. The City of Bellevue, by NACHA rules, maintains these records for a minimum of two years.
  6. In the case of non-sufficient funds (NSF), a fee of $15 will be applied.


When a deposit(s) is paid at submittal and/or issuance, review and inspection hours are charged at the stated hourly rate and are deducted from the deposit. If the deposit is depleted, you will receive a bill monthly for any additional hours. If the deposit is not depleted, you will receive a refund for any remaining deposit balance according to the ordinance refund provisions.

Billing for Deposit Payments


The billing period is from the 1st of the month through the end of the month. Invoices are mailed on or about the 10th of the next month. The invoices are mailed to the person indicated on the “Bill To” form in the permit application. Note: Your invoice may not have a balance due and will show a summary of review or inspection activity, noting hours charged against your deposit.


Payments are due by the 1st of the month following the invoice date. The payment can be mailed or brought to Service First. Fees may also be paid by credit card on the Inspection, Payment and Status Line at 425-452-6875.


The first point of contact for questions is DS Billing Customer Service as shown on the invoices (425-452-6860) or by email (DS_Billing@bellevuewa.gov). If you have specific questions about the review or inspection charges, please contact the reviewer or inspector directly. We do not charge for billing inquiries.

Owner/Address Changes

Our Billing Customer Service division needs immediate notification if there is an ownership, address or other billing change. If the original owner sells or otherwise transfers his/her interest in the project, he/she remains liable for fees associated with development services that were incurred prior to the date the City was notified in writing that the fee responsibility has changed.

For owner and/or address changes, please fill out these forms and submit them to Development Services-Billing Customer Service.

Refund Policy

When an application or permit is canceled, Billing Customer Service evaluates the potential for a refund according to ordinance provisions. If a refund is owed to the customer, it will be processed. This entire sequence takes about three months to allow for all time worked to be entered into our timekeeping system. See our refund policy for more information.

Late Charges

All balances 60 days or greater past the invoice date are assessed a late charge of 1%, with a minimum charge of $25.

Delinquent Payments

Failure to pay an invoice within 30 days of the due date results in the following progression of actions:

Review Discontinued

If we have not issued the permit or approval or if there are post-issuance revisions in process, we may suspend all review of the application by any city department until the account is current. We may also suspend review on separate applications associated with the delinquent application.

Permit or Land Use Approval Revoked

If we have issued the permit or land use approval, we may revoke it. We may suspend work on any applications associated with the revoked permit or land use approval until the total account is current. If construction has started, they will not receive the final inspection (which is the approval to occupy the structure) until all delinquent accounts are paid.


We may refer the unpaid balance to our Legal Department or subsequently to a collection agency for collection. Collection fees in addition to the delinquent payment are due, if the fee is sent to a collection agency No Temporary or Final Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for a project with any outstanding fees on any permit associated with the project.


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