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    Our professionally accredited staff in the Bellevue Transportation Department work to plan, design, build, operate and maintain the transportation system in Bellevue. We provide a safe and balanced transportation network that includes streets, sidewalks and bike paths that support great neighborhoods and a healthy economy. Our vision -- Keeping Bellevue Moving Forward -- is accomplished with ongoing feedback from you, plus direction from the City Council and from Transportation Commission. Learn more on the About Us page.

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    COVID-19 and Transportation Operations

    During the COVID-19 crisis the Transportation Department and its contractors have continued work on construction projects and staff have continued to perform critical maintenance operations to ensure the transportation system functions safely and efficiently. 

    The decision to continue work on projects under construction and begin work on long-planned projects is based on guidance from Gov. Inslee's March 2020 "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order;  his construction guidance, also in March; and information in April onPhase 1 Construction Restart requirements. More information on the governor's order and how it impacts private and public construction in Bellevue is available on the city's webpage.

    As part of the overall City of Bellevue effort to comply with the orders, the Transportation Department put in place several measures to keep the general public and department staff safe. They include: 

    • Employees whose jobs do not require them to be in the field are working remotely to maximize social distancing
    • Field workers who cannot telecommute are working different hours, staggering shifts and working weekends
    • More stringent cleaning procedures
    • Inspectors and project managers collaborating with contractors on social distancing and health measures

    The pandemic also has impacted the city's 2021-2022 budget, including reductions to the Transportation Department's budget, with less funding available for maintenance work.   

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