• Environmental Stewardship

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    Bellevue is known as a "City in a Park," and through our Environmental Stewardship Initiative we coordinate and manage a range of programs to help protect the environment here.

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    The Environmental Stewardship Strategic Plan includes 57 strategies for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and waste, increasing mobility options, energy efficiency and water conservation, and enhancing our ecosystems and open spaces.

    Strategic Plan Update

    In November of 2018, the city began an update of the ESI Strategic Plan to assess progress and set new goals. The updated plan will run from 2020-2025 and will build upon the progress made from 2013-2018.

    The planning process includes community outreach and will address the priorities of Bellevue residents. Opportunities to engage with staff and make your voice heard can be found on the ESI Update Page.

    Progress Report

    A full progress report on the ESI Strategic Plan was presented to the City Council in February 2019. The report covers each of the 57 strategies, of which 34 have been implemented and another 21 have been initiated. The report also discusses potential next steps for the updated plan.