Volunteer Opportunities and Training

Our mission at the Conflict Resolution Center is to help you become better able to resolve conflicts. We have trainings, educational resources from other sites, and volunteer opportunities for you to master the art of conflict resolution and help others. 

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Volunteers willing to help mediate conflicts are vital to the success of the Conflict Resolution Center. With their help, neighbors and families find peaceful resolution. The volunteers gain something too, recognizing that phone conciliating and face to face mediating disputes is richly rewarding.

The volunteer primary responsibilities are to help Bellevue residents resolve conflicts. Tasks include: telephone conciliation (coaching, problem solving, arranging a mediation); database entry and other office tasks; conducting face-to-face mediation; facilitating group meetings and assisting with outreach, training and other program projects.

Our desired qualifications include excellent communication skills, commitment to respect exchanges between people, ability to assist people in solving their problems and ability to maintain confidentiality and impartiality. Basic computer skills and completion of extensive, specialized trainings with the Conflict Resolution Center are mandatory. We accept adults only.

Our expectation is that volunteers first apply for a 20 hour conciliation training, conducted annually. If selected, the volunteer would then take a three hour weekly daytime telephone conciliation shift for a minimum of 6 months. Once completed, the volunteer is eligible to take the 40 hour Basic Mediation Training conducted annually and then enter our practicum to be certified as a mediator. That process can take a minimum of one additional year.

For more details about volunteering, you may contact us at 425-452-4091 or at BCRC@bellevuewa.gov. 

Volunteer Trainings

Are you a natural listener and a good communicator? Do you want to learn skills to help create peace in our community? Are you culturally sensitive? Possibly speak a second language? Do you live or work in Bellevue? Got time? If so, you are encouraged to apply to become a conciliator with the Bellevue Conflict Resolution Center. There is no charge for this training. Please apply by filling out the registration form and emailing it to us at BCRC@bellevuewa.gov.

Volunteer In-service Schedule     

  • Conciliation Practice: Tues., Jan 15, 2019, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
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