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    COVID-19 Mobile Vaccination Teams

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    The Bellevue Fire Department, under the direction of the state Department of Health, is proud to be a  participant in the coronavirus mobile vaccination team pilot. In an effort to protect our most vulnerable residents, trained paramedics and firefighters are administering vaccinations to residents and staff of 93 adult family homes within our service area. Adult family homes fall into vaccination phase 1a. 

    Currently, the mobile vaccination teams are not authorized to administer vaccinations to the general public. If you believe you are eligible for a vaccine or would like more information on vaccines in Bellevue, please visit the vaccine information page

    Distracted Driving Awareness Month 

    What do you consider lethal? The most common answers among teens are drugs, guns, cancer, and poisonous snakes. Yes, you read that correctly. 

    Image of driver on highway at night texting on cell phone

    Poisonous snakes.  But what if we told you that lip gloss, coffee, and music were also lethal? More lethal, in fact, among teens than anything else?

    April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. This year, it also coincides with the return of students to their physical classrooms. Statistics show that reckless and distracted driving is the leading cause of teenage fatalities in America. As more novice drivers return to the road, there is no better time to reflect on, and change, our own driving habits. Be the driver you want your teen to be by setting the example:

    1. Always buckle up.
    2. Minimize all distractions, not just cell phone use. This includes eating and drinking in the car, fiddling with the radio, carrying on conversations, and driving drowsy.
    3. Make sure your teen abides by the graduated licensing rules. Safety should always override convenience.
    4. Normalize speaking up if you feel unsafe as a passenger.
    5. Talk regularly with your teens about the importance of being a distraction free driver and passenger.

    Motor vehicle crashes are 100% preventable. It just takes constant, mindful action. And practice.


    A Fun Peek Into How We're Protecting Ourselves and Our Community

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to us and to our community. We continue to respond to all emergency calls and have made many adaptations to our protocols, both in the stations and on responses, to ensure the safety of our residents and our firefighters. Our commitment to those who serve has not wavered and neither have our spirits. Here we share a lighthearted view into some of the measures we have taken to minimize the risk the virus presents to us all.

    Follow the Plan

    We encourage all residents to remain calm yet diligent and informed by reading the City of Bellevue and Fire Department's daily COVID-19 updates