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Planning Commission
The May 25 Meeting has been Cancelled

Planning Commission Meeting

The next meeting will be June 8

Zoom ID:   tbd

Zoom Password:   tbd

Go to and click on "join a meeting".  Enter the ID and password to access the meeting.

Public comments, including information such as email, mailing address and phone contact information, that is sent to the Planning Commission email address is subject to public disclosure and may be included in the Planning Commission packet.

Bellevue's Planning Commission reviews and proposes amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. Using public input, it also makes recommendations to the City Council on proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use (Zoning) Code. All other city boards and commissions coordinate their Comprehensive Plan and land use activities with the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission also recommends and reviews studies of geographic subareas in the city. The commission does not review site-specific development proposals.

The Planning Commission typically meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in Conference Room 1E-113 at Bellevue City Hall, or other special meetings as needed.  The Commission is currently meeting remotely via Zoom, in order to comply with the Governor’s emergency Order concerning the Open Public Meetings Act, which prohibits in-person meetings.

All meetings, including study sessions and public hearings, are open to the public, and comments are always welcome. Comments received in writing or electronically will be provided to the commission at its next scheduled meeting. If you wish to make a comment to the commission, please refer to the public comment policy below:

The May 25, 2022 meeting has been cancelled.

The next meeting will be June 8, 2022.

Bellevue City Hall is closed to public access until further notice. To the extent possible, the City is continuing to deliver services in various alternate ways.

The Planning Commission is comprised of seven Bellevue residents appointed by the mayor with the concurrence of the City Council. Terms last four years and expire on May 31 of the last year of the term. No person can serve more than two consecutive full terms. If a commissioner is appointed to fill a partial term of less than two years, that commissioner is eligible to serve for an additional two full terms.

Commissioner Term
Mohammad Malakoutian (Chair) Term #2 ends 2025
Carolynn Ferris (Vice Chair) Term #1 ends 2023
Vishal Bhargava Term #1 ends 2023
Karol Brown Term #1 ends 2024
Craighton Goeppele Term #1 ends 2023
Anne Morisseau Term #2 ends 2023
Radhika Moolgavkar Term #1 ends 2022

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