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    The City of Bellevue's departments deliver a variety of essential services for the city. All of our operational departments — Transportation, Parks & Community Services, Police, Utilities and Fire — are nationally accredited. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service, uphold the public interest and advance the community vision (mission, vision and core values).

    Department List

    City Attorney's Office

    Provides legal advice and representation to the City Council, the city manager, the departments and boards and commissions.

    City Clerk's Office

    Facilitates participation in municipal government, while providing a link between legislative and administrative functions.

    City Council

    Through proactive leadership and governance, the City Council provides high-quality services and facilities to meet the needs of a growing, dynamic community.

    City Manager's Office

    Oversees city operations, managing the departments and directly supervising communications and intergovernmental relations.


    Provides information about city services and programs to the public and media. Facilitates public engagement.

    Community Development

    Plans with the community for excellent physical spaces, builds a robust economy, and empowers our vibrant, diverse neighborhoods.

    Development Services

    Offers one-stop permit shopping for land and building development. Ensures construction is safe and aligned with relevant codes.

    Emergency Management

    In the Fire Department, Emergency Management helps residents and businesses prepare for and respond to various hazards.

    Finance & Asset Management

    Prepares the city’s budget and financial reports, manages business taxes and licenses, procures products and services, maintains city assets such as facilities and vehicles, manages real estate, and the Service First desk.


    Assists the public in the protection of life and property, minimizing the impacts of fire, medical emergencies and disasters.

    Human Resources

    Recruits for jobs, provides labor relations and collective bargaining, and administers benefits and employment laws.

    Information Technology

    Supports the computing, application, networking and phone infrastructure used by city staff, supporting innovation.

    Parks & Community Services

    Maintains the city's parks and trails, provides recreation programs and funds nonprofit service agencies.


    Provides a safe place to live and work through quality law enforcement, focused on reducing crime and the fear of crime.


    With feedback from residents, maintains a safe, efficient and balanced transportation network for all users.


    Provides drinking water, wastewater, storm and surface water and solid waste, ensuring these services are dependable and a good value.