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    If you are faced with a conflict and need some help with it, the Conflict Resolution Center (formerly the Neighborhood Mediation Program) may be able to help you. Many people who work or live in Bellevue call us to help them resolve their conflicts through a continuum of free and confidential services.

    Please note that due to COVID-19, all staff and volunteers are teleworking. While we monitor our voicemail and email closely, it is likely that you will need to leave a message and wait to be contacted. We still very much want to hear from you, and we thank you for your patience in this difficult time.

    We can help you with conflicts involving:

    • Neighbors
    • Elders
    • Parents and Teens
    • Businesses and consumers
    • Groups and organizations
    • Foreclosure
    • Other City of Bellevue departments
    • Landlords and Tenants

    We do not assist with divorce or parenting plans.

    What happens when you call?

    One of our conciliators (people who help with conflict) will first listen to your concern and together you will assess the best way to move forward. The conciliator can just coach you to resolve it yourself, act as a phone intermediary between you and the other(s), or schedule a face-to-face mediation or facilitation between you and the other person(s). Most conflicts are resolved on the phone.

    How much?

    There is no cost for most of our programs.

    Organizing Statute

    The Bellevue Conflict Resolution Center is a dispute resolution center formed under Chapter 7.75 of the Revised Code of Washington.

    In the News

    Check out our May 2019 interview with KIRO Radio. Or, for a more detailed understanding of our services, watch our March 2019 presentation to Bellevue City Council.