About the Department

Community Development works collaboratively to create excellent physical spaces, build a robust creative economy, and empower our vibrant neighborhoods.


Securing Bellevue's future as a livable, inspiring, vibrant and equitable community.


We are stewards of Bellevue's community vision. Together, we take action to create and sustain positive change, practice transparency in all of our work and build strong relationships to form an active, informed and resilient community.


Our department is organized into three divisions: Planning, Neighborhood Services and the Cultural and Economic Vitality Office. Mac Cummins is director of the department.


Our planning division serves the city’s residents and businesses through strategic and comprehensive planning, and it includes our environmental stewardship program.

Neighborhood Services

This division focuses connects and provides resources for the people of Bellevue, building a vibrant community with programs including Bellevue Essentials, Mini City Hall, the Neighborhood Enhancement Program, Cultural Conversations and the Conflict Resolution Center (formerly Mediation).

Cultural and Economic Vitality Office

The recent Creative Edge study found that companies and creatives alike choose Bellevue for its diversity, focus on the arts and creative learning, and global leadership in digital and interactive technologies. By merging into one office, the Economic Development and Arts teams can more closely align their work to capitalize on these key community strengths.


Community DevelopmentReceptionist

Business Hours

Monday - Friday8:00am - 5:00pm


(425) 452-4174


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