East Main Transit Oriented District

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Construction is underway on East Link, bringing light rail service to Mercer Island, Bellevue and Redmond.

The East Main station will serve the southeast portion of Downtown, the East Main TOD District, and the Surrey Downs residential neighborhood. The station will provide 20-minute light rail service to downtown Seattle.

The East Main Transit Oriented Development District proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment will amend the Southwest Bellevue Subarea Plan map and policies to establish a vibrant, livable, and memorable transit-oriented neighborhood in the East Main station area. It will comfortably span the change in character from Downtown to the low-density residential neighborhood west of 112th Avenue SE.

The related East Main TOD Land Use Code Amendment will propose changes to the Land Use Code and the zoning map (rezones) to implement Transit-oriented development (TOD) and East Main - Transit Oriented Development (EM-TOD) definitions adopted into the Comprehensive Plan Glossary.

The City Council in 2016 adopted the East Main Station Area Plan. It will guide growth in the area, east of the station to I-405 and south from Main Street to SE 8th Street. The East Main Station Area Plan was developed by a resident advisory group and staff.

Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment

The City Council is scheduled to take action on the East Main Comprehensive Plan Amendment during its May 20, 2019 meeting. The council is scheduled to study draft Guiding Principles for the related Land Use Code Amendment during its May 28, 2019 meeting.

Date Meeting or Action Taken Links
4/22/19 City Council Extended Study Session Agenda
1/22/19 City Council Study Session Agenda
11/26/18 City Council Study Session Packet
11/7/18 Planning Commission Final Review Public Hearing
9/26/18 Planning Commission Study Session: Final review of draft CPA
9/5/18 Open House Presentation
7/11/18 Planning Commission Study Session: Draft CPA amendments and CAC recommendations Packet
Projects Map
5/16/18 Planning Commission Study Session: How to review a LUCA Packet
3/31/18 Walking Tour of East Main Area
3/28/18 Planning Commission Study Session: Discussion of characteristics Packet
2/28/18 Planning Commission Study Session: Draft policy direction and placemaking elements
2/14/18 Open House
Topic: East Main TOD Update
2/9/18 Walking Tour
Topic: East Main TOD Update
1/10/18 Planning Commission Study Session: Overview of East Main TOD project Packet

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Project Phase Approximate Date
Scoping Before 2016
Visioning Before 2016
Feasibility Studies Before 2016
Planning Station Area Plan adopted 2016
East Main TOD Comp Plan Amendments Council action May 2019
East Main TOD Land Use Code Amendments Underway spring 2019
Code Implementation Council adoption in fall 2019
Monitoring & Control Ongoing after adoption

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