Comprehensive Plan Amendments

2018 Comp Plan Amendments (Schedule and Applications)

On Monday night, December 10, the City Council completed legislative action on the 2018 annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments work program, adopting plan amendments for City Dacha LLC, Red Town and the Grand Connection. The council deferred the East Main proposed amendment to 2019 to allow for additional review and study.

2018 CPA Review Schedule

Locations of 2018 CPA applications

Application materials:

What's Coming Up Next (12/13/18)

The city will certify to the State Commerce Department Bellevue's 2018 annual amendment actions under the Growth Management Act. This completes 2018. The 2019 application window is open until January 31, 2019. Please contact Nicholas Matz AICP with questions.

The City Council took action on the Planning Commission's 2018 annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment recommendations at the Council's December 10, 2018, regular session.

The City Council took up study of the Planning Commission's 2018 annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment recommendations at the Council's November 26, 2018, study session.

The Planning Commission recommended Final Review approval for each of the East Main and Grand Connection City Council-initiated Comprehensive Plan amendments (East Main and Grand Connection) after public hearings that were held November 7, 2018. Here are the presentation slides for the hearing, and for the East Main hearing. The staff recommendations are available.

The Planning Commission recommended Final Review approval for each of the three site-specific Comprehensive Plan amendments (City Dacha LLC, Bellevue Nursery, Red Town) after public hearings that were held October 24, 2018. Here are the presentation slides for the hearing. The staff recommendations are available.

All Final Review public comments are available here.

The Planning Commission continued study of the 2018 proposed amendments at its September study sessions.

At its July 23 meeting the City Council established the 2018 annual plan amendment Work Program.

The DASH Glendale CPA has been included in the Wilburton Study Area implementation work program. It will not be reviewed as a plan amendment in 2018.

The applicants for the Newport Hills Shopping Center Redevelopment CPA have withdrawn their application. No additional review, study, recommendations, or actions will occur this year.

The Planning Commission held a June 27 Threshold Review Public Hearing (Newport Hills Shopping Center Redevelopment CPA), and June 13 Threshold Review Public Hearings (City Dacha LLC, Bellevue Nursery, Red Town, and DASH Glendale CPAs).

The Commission's recommendations were presented to City Council in a July 23 study session.

The staff recommendations are available for June 27 and are available for June 13 Threshold Review public hearings. Here are the presentation slides for the June 27 and June 13 hearings.

The applicants for the Jewish Day School CPA have withdrawn their application. No additional review, study, recommendations, or actions will occur this year.

The Planning Commission continued its 2018 CPA Threshold Review in an Apri1 25 study session and expansion of geographic scope analysis. Here are the presentation slides.

On March 14 the Commission continued its study and review of the 2018 Threshold Review CPAs. Here are the presentation slides.

The Planning Commission is underway in 2018 with its study and review of the city-initiated East Main CPA (January 10, February 14 and 28, March 28, July 11 and September 26) and Grand Connection CPA (April 4, May 9 and September 26.)

On March 5 the City Council received an informational management briefing on the 2018 CPAs.

General Comments

For ease of access all Threshold Review public comments have been archived, including those submitted in writing for the June public hearing. Please contact us for them.

All public comments received to date on the privately-initiated CPAs are available as follows:

- Comments received by the October 4 and October 18 publishing dates were attached to the staff recommendations

- All Final Review public comments through November 13 at noon (including those attached to the staff report) are here:

 City Dacha LLC
 Bellevue Nursery
   Public Comments 11/13-10-24
   Public comments 10/24-10/18 
   Public comments 10/17-10/2
   Public comments 10/1-9/12
   Red Town

- Public comments received after October 17 are provided to the Planning Commission.

The list of proposed applications was published in the February 22, 2018, Permit Bulletin.

The City Council has taken action on the 2017 CPAs.

The Department of Commerce has acknowledged receipt of the City of Bellevue's 2017 CPA actions.

The city's Internet content management service is experiencing difficulty with non-functional information displays in 2018 status "accordions" (the green bars.) The city has received certification of its 2018 CPAs and the 2019 application window is open.

Proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are carefully considered every year.

There is a  two-month application period from December 1 (2018) through January 31 (2019) for proposing an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. Complete details on this process are found in the Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezone Procedures Guide. To apply for an amendment, you must download and complete a Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application, also available in hard copy from Development Services.

Site-specific amendments require a rezone application. You can apply for a rezone along with a Comprehensive Plan amendment.

Through Threshold Review and public hearings, the Planning Commission recommends which proposed amendments should be considered for the CPA work program.

The City Council reviews the recommendations and determines which proposed amendments to include in the annual work program.

The Permit Bulletin provides public notice to alert residents, owners, agencies and organizations regarding Notices of Application, SEPA Threshold Determinations and CPA public hearings.

The Planning Commission conducts the final review and public hearings and makes Final Review recommendations to the City Council.

The City Council approves or denies proposed amendments.

2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendments (Updated 12-31-2018)
2017 Comprehensive Plan Amendments (Updated 12-31-2017)
2016 Comprehensive Plan Amendments (Updated 12-19-2016)    


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