• Increasing Affordable Housing Capacity on Faith-Owned Properties

    To reduce Bellevue’s affordable housing gap, this initiative will create additional development capacity for affordable housing on faith-owned properties in single-family districts in areas well-suited to multifamily housing, consistent with the city’s Affordable Housing Strategy Action C-1. Based on neighborhood context and affordable housing needs, staff will develop a proposal for creating additional development capacity for affordable housing on 25 sites (see map) that meet the following criteria: 

    • Owned by a religious organization,  
    • Located in a single-family land use district,  
    • Located on an arterial street, 
    • Located within half a mile of a frequent transit stop, and  
    • Located within 300 feet of a land use district where multifamily housing or commercial uses are permitted.

    See the History and Purpose section below to learn how this initiative builds upon previous efforts to implement Action C-1 of the Affordable Housing Strategy. 

    Opportunities to Engage

    Attend the Planning Commission Study Session on July 27 , 2022 to learn about the draft proposal and provide comment. (See Timeline below for meeting information.)  

    Staff are planning several additional opportunities to provide input on the proposal. Please sign up to receive alerts when new information and opportunities to engage are added to this page by clicking the “Subscribe” button in the call out box to the right.  

    Reach out with questions, comments and feedback to project manager, Gwen Rousseau (See contact information to the right). 

    Schedule of Events and Actions Taken


    Event or Action Taken 



    City Council Action on Phase One Density Bonus LUCA 

    City Council Meeting Agenda Materials 


    City Council Initiation of Phase Two CPA and LUCA 

    City Council Meeting Agenda Materials 


    Planning Commission Study Session 1 (CPA) 

    Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Materials

    6/29/2022 Virtual Information Session 6:30 p.m.



    Planning Commission Study Session 2 (CPA) 


    To Be Scheduled 

    Planning Commission Public Hearing (CPA) 


    To Be Scheduled 

    Planning Commission Recommendation (CPA) 


    To Be Scheduled 

    City Council Study Session (CPA) 


    To Be Scheduled 

    City Council Action (CPA) 


    Needs Assessment, Strategy, Action C-1 Phase One

    In 2016, the city completed a Housing Needs Assessment that identified a gap in Bellevue's supply of affordable housing.

    In 2017, Bellevue City Council adopted an Affordable Housing Strategy, which includes Action C-1 to “increase development potential on suitable land owned by public agencies, faith-based and non-profit housing entities for affordable housing.”

    In 2021, Bellevue City Council adopted a 50 percent density bonus for affordable housing developments meeting these ownership criteria as the first step in implementing Action C-1.

    Certain stakeholders noted during the adoption of the density bonus that some faith-owned properties in single family land use districts have location characteristics that could support higher densities and multifamily style housing. This second phase of work identifies these properties and develops a proposal for creating additional development capacity for affordable housing on these sites.

    What is “Housing Affordability?”

    The Housing Affordability webpage describes what is meant by housing affordability generally and affordable housing more specifically. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more detailed descriptions and definitions of affordable housing. 

    Affordable Housing Strategy

    The Affordable Housing Strategy webpage provides an overview of the city’s strategy to increase availability and access to affordable housing in the city. To read the full strategy click here.

    Housing Affordability Glossary 

    The Housing Affordability Glossary provides definitions of common terms used when discussing housing affordability. 

    Ongoing Housing Work

    Keep abreast of all projects and initiatives part of the city's ongoing housing work program here.

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