• Community Development

    Securing Bellevue's future as a livable, inspiring, vibrant and equitable community.

    Bellevue is a strategic city.  Our community adapts to a changing environment and continuously works to improve the natural, built and social environments within Bellevue.

    • We work with Bellevue’s community to provide long-term comprehensive and strategic planning to increase the quality of life and work for Bellevue residents, employers, employees and visitors.

    Bellevue is a vibrant and inclusive global innovation hub fueled by a highly educated, entrepreneurial and diverse workforce.

    • We build a foundation for broad-based community prosperity and creative learning in Bellevue by supporting innovation and growth among artists, entrepreneurs and businesses

    Bellevue is a city of distinct and diverse neighborhoods that provide a high quality of life for everyone to enjoy.

    • We are responsive to emerging neighborhood concerns, connect residents to city services and collaborate with residents to build up Bellevue’s community, actively participate in civic life and create great places to live.


    We are stewards of Bellevue's community vision. Together, we take action to create and sustain positive change, practice transparency in all of our work and build strong relationships to form an active, informed and resilient community.


    Community Development is organized into three divisions: Planning, Neighborhood Services and the Cultural and Economic Vitality Office.    

    Mac Cummins is the director of Community Development.

    Looking for information on permitting, inspections, code compliance, or zoning? Contact our Development Services team for more information.
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