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    With the Governor's order now allowing non-essential construction activities, Utilities has resumed some construction work that involves temporary water shutdowns.

    Most projects involving water shutdowns halted when the "Stay Home" order was first issued, so residents would not be without water during the most critical times. It's important to restart this work now for several reasons - to protect water quality, support our economy by moving projects forward, and restore neighborhood streets where work has been unfinished.

    We understand being without water even for a short time will be difficult for people still working at home. Utilities will plan work to reduce the impact to customers as much as possible, including providing advanced notice to help customers prepare a temporary water supply, performing work at night in some cases, and offering extra bottled water supplies upon request.

    The Utilities Department maintains pipes, pump stations with dozens of capital projects each year, including the following major projects. All Utilities capital projects valued at $100,000 or more can be found on the city's Capital Projects map.

    About the Utilities Capital Investment Program

    Current projects underway:

    Utilities Codes and Standards

    Sewer, surface water, and water codes, engineering standards, maps and comprehensive plans. Utilities engineering standards are updated annually.

    Utilities Plans and Reports

    Utilities comprehensive plans and reports – developed for the utility systems we manage. They are intended for residents, business owners, city staff, developers and other interested parties. These plans also evaluate our management of these systems, provide direction for future planning, and help us meet federal, state and regional regulations. They include the following: