Somerset Reservoir Decommissioning Project

Project Update

The Somerset Reservoir No. 1 is a 100,000-gallon reinforced concrete reservoir, built in 1961 and located on Somerset Recreation Club property. The existing structure of the reservoir was created by excavating into the original slope, meaning that the current structure is partially tucked into the hillside. The reservoir has been out of service for nearly 20 years.

To improve the safety of the Somerset Recreation Club in the event of an earthquake and enhance the views from the pool deck, the reservoir will be further stabilized and partially removed, and the hillside will be regraded and landscaped.

The design for the process is underway and will conclude this summer. Construction is planned for late winter 2021 through spring 2022, to be completed before the 2022 swim season opens.

Project Area

Map of Somerset Reservoir Decommissioning Project work area


Somerset Reservoir project timeline

Project approach

At a workshop held in December of 2019, the City reviewed risks and opportunities associated with possible design alternatives for the project.

When choosing the most feasible design alternative, the City weighed several factors including:

  • Feasibility of the alternative
  • Constructability
  • Cost, and
  • Level of impact to the Somerset Recreation Club

The selected design alternative to decommission the reservoir is the most feasible option with the least impact on the Somerset Recreation Club. This alternative includes stabilizing the reservoir east wall and the soil behind it with steel braces and installing structural fill to replace the weight of the reservoir roof and walls.

The reservoir roof and walls, except the east wall, will be carefully demolished and removed. The remaining reservoir structure will be buried and the hillside will be regraded and landscaped. The graphic below provides an overview of the project design. We will share detailed project design plans at the upcoming virtual public meeting - more information coming soon! 

Somerset Reservoir project site plan

What to expect during construction

The proposed design is expected to have a construction duration of approximately 8 weeks. Traffic Control Plans are being developed and will include either one- or two-lane closures along Somerset Boulevard during construction. The bike route and sidewalk adjacent to the Somerset Recreation Club along Somerset Boulevard will also be inaccessible during the construction period. The construction is planned to take place during the Somerset Recreation Club off-season to minimize the impact on the club’s activities.

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