Newport Sewer Basin Capacity Improvements

The City of Bellevue is planning to install a new sewer pipeline in the Newport Shores neighborhood and to upgrade the pumps at the Newport Lift Station and the Newport Pump Station. This work will help reduce the risk of sewer backup during large storm events.

The project is in design, with construction anticipated to begin in summer 2022.

Map showing Newport Sewer Basin Capacity Improvements Project location

Why is this project needed?

During large rain events, excess storm water can seep into the aging sewer system through small cracks. This rain infiltration can overwhelm the capacity of the system and lead to the risk of wastewater backups in low-lying homes. Bellevue crews currently manage this problem by using vacuum trucks to transport excess wastewater to the Newport Pump Station. Relying on this manual operation is not ideal.

Project solution:

The proposed project will improve both capacity and reliability of the current sewer system by constructing a new sewer "force" main, designed to move wastewater flows away from under-capacity areas, and upgrading pump stations with new pumps.

Rather than crews manually transporting wastewater flows during rain events, portable pumps can be used as needed.

Project benefits:

With the new sewer line and upgraded pump system, residents in this neighborhood will see improvements in wastewater management and environmental protection, reduced risk of sewer backup, and safer access into and out of the neighborhood during severe storm events.

Anticipated project impacts

  • During the design phase, residents may see project staff in the neighborhood taking measurements with survey equipment.
  • Once construction begins, the project will require digging a trench along Cascade Key from Newport Key to a point near the Newport Lift Station. This will take place in segments – the contractor will dig, lay new pipe and close the ditch as they go.
  • Work at the Newport Pump and Newport Lift Stations will be limited to replacement of equipment within the existing buried structures.
  • Residents may notice some construction noise during hours of operation.
  • The road will narrow to one through the construction work zone. However, continuous access to driveways will be maintained throughout the project.

Project timeline

Graphic showing Newport Sewer Basin Capacity Improvements Project timeline

Opportunities for public input

The City will hold a virtual neighborhood meeting in Fall 2021 where residents will be able to learn about, provide feedback on, and ask questions about the Newport Sewer Basin Capacity Improvement Project.

For more information

For questions, or to learn more about the project, please contact:

Birol Shaha, Project Manager, at 425-452-4477 or

To meet with city staff regarding this project, please contact:

Jessica Guthrie, Public Information Officer, at 425-452-5215 or


To learn more about the project:

Birol Shaha, Senior Utilities Engineer
425-452-4477  |

To meet with city staff about the project:

Jessica Guthrie, Public Information Officer
425-452-5215  |