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Help us plan for healthier streams!

As our city grows, we need to act to protect our waterways. The City of Bellevue is developing a plan to improve the health of our streams for people and wildlife, and we need your input! Watch this video or visit EngagingBellevue.com/watershed-management to learn more.

贝尔维尤 (Bellevue) 水域管理计划. 随着城市的发展,我们需要采取行动保护我们的水道。贝尔维尤市(City of Bellevue)在制定一项计划来改善人们和野生动物的水流状况,我们需要您的参与! 请观看这段视频或查看我们的情况说明书来了解更多信息,然后参与我们的问卷调查

벨뷰 배수 분지 관리 계획. 우리 도시가 성장함에 따라 수로를 보호하기 위한 행동을 취해야만 합니다. 벨뷰시는 사람과 야생 동물을 위해 우리 하천의 건강을 개선하기 위한 계획을 개발하고 있으며, 관련해서 여러분의 의견을 듣고 싶습니다! 이 영상을 시청하거나 자료표를 보고 더 자세한 정보를 확인하신 후 설문 조사에 참여해주시면 감사하겠습니다.

План управления водосбором г. Белвью (Bellevue). По мере роста нашего города нам необходимо принимать меры по защите наших водных путей (таких как реки и каналы). Администрация г. Белвью (Bellevue) разрабатывает план по улучшению состояния наших водотоков (таких как реки и ручьи) для людей и диких животных, внести свой вклад! Посмотрите это видео или ознакомьтесь с нашим информационным бюллетенем, чтобы узнать больше и затем примите участие в опросе.

Plan de Manejo de la Cuenca de Bellevue. A medida que nuestra ciudad crece, tenemos que actuar para proteger nuestras vías fluviales. La ciudad de Bellevue está desarrollando un plan para mejorar la salud de nuestros arroyos en beneficio de las personas y de la vida silvestre, ¡y necesitamos su opinión! Vea este vídeo o consulte nuestra hoja informativa para obtener más información y después realice nuestra encuesta.

Bellevue: Kế hoạch quản lý lưu vực song. Thành phố ngày càng phát triển, chúng ta cần hành động để bảo vệ các lưu vực sông. Thành phố Bellevue đang phát triển kế hoạch cải thiện sự trong lành của hệ thống sông suối cho con người và động vật hoang dã, và chúng tôi rất mong ý kiến đóng góp của Quý vị! Hãy theo dõi video hoặc tờ thông tin để tìm hiểu thêm, và tham gia thực hiện khảo sát.

Bellevue’s streams, lakes and wetlands breathe life into our city – offering space for us to connect, learn and appreciate our natural surroundings. Bellevue has more than 80 miles of streams that are home to salmon and many other types of fish and wildlife.

As our city grows, we need to act to protect our waterways. The City of Bellevue is developing a 20-year plan to improve the health of our streams for people and wildlife, and we need your input!  

Why is the City creating this plan?

Bellevue’s landscape has changed dramatically in the past 150 years from forests and farmland to a bustling city. We understand today that growing our communities and economy has threatened the health of our waterways and the fish and wildlife who call them home.

Banner showing Bellevue streams, a mallard duck flying off a stream surface, and a a heron eating a peamouth fish
This plan will help protect Bellevue's waterways and the fish and wildlife who call them home.
How do our actions impact our watersheds?

More pollution enters our streams from stormwater. Stormwater is rainwater that runs off hard surfaces like rooftops, paved streets, highways, and parking lots. When rain falls over these surfaces, it picks up pollutants like fertilizers, soap, oil, and dirt. This polluted stormwater flows into storm drains and can harm streams, lakes, and wetlands.

Natural surfaces filter water and help prevent stormwater from entering streams. Too much stormwater running into streams from hard surfaces, even if it’s not carrying pollution, can erode stream banks and harms fish and wildlife habitat.

What happens in Bellevue's streams can impact the water quality and habitat conditions of Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington, and ultimately, our Puget Sound. Now is the time to act, to protect and improve our streams so we can all enjoy healthy water for years to come.

Infographic showing human activity and impacts on Bellevue streams. Pictured here: car leaking oil, person washing car, and person taking dog to the bathroom in the street. The car oil is leaking into a storm drain, and the car wash water is mixing with dog poop and entering another nearby storm drain. Both feeds into a stream with fish
As this graphic shows, our actions make an impact on the water quality of our streams and the fish and wildlife who call them home.
What actions will the plan recommend?

The Watershed Management Plan will recommend actions for the City in four categories.

  • Projects, such as controlling and treating rainwater runoff from city streets before it gets into streams.
  • Programs, like helping people who live near streams to better care for them and removing barriers so fish can move easily through our streams.
  • Policies or regulations, such as incentives for developers or homeowners to build facilities to clean runoff before it gets into streams.
  • Enhanced maintenance, like more street sweeping to prevent pollutants from entering streams.

Project timeline

We began developing the Watershed Management Plan in late 2020 and plan to complete the plan in late 2022.

Community engagement

We are planning a two-step community engagement process:

  • Spring/summer 2021 – Begin building awareness of the plan and gather input on community values for Bellevue’s watershed.
  • Fall/winter 2022 – Share draft plan elements and gather input to prioritize the City’s investments.

We will use several channels to share updates about the plan, including this project website, mailings, online forums (via Engagingbellevue.com), community and business briefings and more.

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To learn more about the project:

Jerry Shuster, Senior Stormwater Engineer

To meet with city staff about the project:

Jessica Guthrie, Public Information Officer
425-452-5215  |  jguthrie@bellevuewa.gov