Sewer Capital Investment Projects

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Bellevue sewer capital investment projects ensure that current and future generations have reliable wastewater services. They also help protect the natural environment that we value in the Pacific Northwest. These projects are proposed in the 2021-2027 Utilities Capital Investment Project (CIP) plan, subject to approval by the City Council in November or December 2020.

Bellefield Pump Station Project

Capital Investment Project





Sewer Pump Station Improvements

Rehabilitate or replace two sewer pump stations per year

Renewal and Replacement

2021 - 2027


Sewer System Pipeline Major Repairs

Repair defects found in existing sewer pipes

Renewal and Replacement

2021 - 2027


Minor (Small) Capital Improvement Projects

Miscellaneous projects or repairs to resolve problems or improve efficiency

Renewal and Replacement

2021 - 2027


Sewer Lake Line Management Plan

Assessment of the condition of sewer pipe along the shore of Lake Washington, to better plan for its eventual replacement

Renewal and Replacement



Wilburton Sewer Capacity Upgrade

Permit-required monitoring following pipeline construction

Capacity for Growth



Midlakes Pump Station Warranty work for project constructed in 2020 Renewal and Replacement 2021-2022 $50,000

Sewer System Pipeline Replacement

Replace or insert a liner into older defective pipes, where that is more cost effective than repairs

Renewal and Replacement



Operations and Maintenance Yard

Design and construction of new operations and maintenance facility

Service Enhancement



Sewer Planning Program

Evaluate and develop future CIP needs

Renewal and Replacement



SCADA System Upgrade Upgrade the sewer system telemetry infrastructure Renewal and Replacement 2021-2027 $4,860,000

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