• East Bellevue Community Council

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    Established in 1969, the East Bellevue Community Council is empowered by state law with approval/disapproval authority over certain land-use actions in a part of East Bellevue. The EBCC may also act in an advisory capacity on other land-use issues that directly or indirectly affect its jurisdiction.

    As set forth in RCW 35.14.050, a community municipal corporation acting through its community council may:

    1. Make recommendations concerning any proposed comprehensive plan or other proposal that directly or indirectly affects the use of property or land within the service area;
    2. Provide a forum for consideration of the conservation, improvement or development of property or land within the service area; and
    3. Advise, consult and cooperate with the legislative authority of the city on any local matters directly or indirectly affecting the service area.

    The East Bellevue Community Council is made up of five residents of the East Bellevue area, elected to represent the many interests of local residents on land-use issues.