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Residents and staff chat on a Neighborhood Walk in 2018.

Bellevue is ranked among the top places to live in the United States. Bellevue's neighborhoods are well known by their distinctive character, great schools, safety, natural beauty, amenities and opportunities for a high quality of life. Residents know our neighborhoods also by the strong connections among neighbors that contribute to making Bellevue home.

Ensuring that Bellevue neighborhoods thrive depends upon the combined efforts of the entire community. If you want to learn how to connect neighbor to neighbor or find a way to connect to city services, or you have ideas on how to improve your neighborhood or just want to join the conversation on what matters most to Bellevue’s neighborhoods – you have found the right place.

Explore the neighborhood programs and services in the list on the left and find your way to get involved! To provide targeted services, the city divides Bellevue into 16 neighborhood areas, each served by a neighborhood liaison. The Neighborhood Enhancement Program also rotates among the neighborhood areas to identify specific improvements chosen by community members. Great Neighborhoods is an ongoing program that also rotates through the neighborhoods, two at at time, to gather feedback and plan for these areas' futures.

Map of Bellevue's neighborhood areas

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