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Information about Census 2020 can be found on the Bellevue Counts: Census 2020 page.

Bellevue is a fast-growing city with residents from around the world and an economy anchored in software and technology. Between 2010 and 2020, the city became majority people of color. In the past 20 years, growth has been focused near the city’s economic centers, especially Downtown Bellevue. Although households in the city are more affluent than other households in the region on average, households in diverse economic circumstances call Bellevue home. Commutes are shorter for Bellevue residents than people in the region as a whole.

View an infographic of key data about people living in Bellevue on the Bellevue Demographic Profile. Below are additional infographics with community data related to the council's 2018-2020 priorities.

In addition, you can access datasets related to many aspects of the city on Bellevue’s Open Data Portal and the Interactive Map Gallery.