Maps and GIS

Bellevue offers a variety of standard PDF maps, downloadable spatial data and interactive web maps that help keep residents and visitors informed. Visit the full Map Gallery or preview featured interactive web maps below to explore city projects, plans and other city initiatives. 

If you have an idea for an interactive web map, feedback on service, or a general question for city Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff, please email us.

Map Key

Time-enabled: Time-enabled. This icon indicates a map that allows users to visualize changes over time.

MAP Type of item. Either an interactive map, gallery (collection of related maps) or website with map content.

Mobile-Friendly: Mobile friendly. This icon indicates that the map is designed to work well on a phone or tablet.

Critical Hazards

Explore areas potentially vulnerable to geologic, meteorologic, and critical human hazards within the City of Bellevue.

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Community, Culture, & Art Resources

thumbnail of community culture and art resources mobile-friendly web app

This map is intended for planning, identifying trends, and connecting community, cultural, and art resources with residents of Bellevue.

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Welcome to Bellevue

Explore Bellevue's many public amenities including schools, community centers, parks, neighborhoods, emergency response, and voting districts. 

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Tech Startups

Thumbnail image of Tech startups story map, mobile-friendly map

Browse local tech startup companies, co-working spaces, and incubator sites in Bellevue. Navigate the map's tabs to identify impacts and statistics.

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New Zealand Mudsnails

New Zealand Mudsnails thumbnail image indicating it is a mobile-friendly map

This story maps gives a brief overview of New Zealand Mudsnails' origin, migration patterns and impact. It also details what has been done to track, monitor and contain these mudsnails. 

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School Speed Zones

This map displays schedules and boundaries of schools with speed zone flashing beacons  and includes information on which are photo enabled.

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Vision Zero | Bellevue

Thumbnail image of the Vision Zero story map, a time-enabled and mobile friendly map

This time-aware story map shows severity and locations of collisions involving pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists over a 10-year period.

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Pedestrian & Bicycle Progress Report

Thumbnail image of the pedestrian and bicycle progress report story map, a mobile-friendly map

Interactive map for identifying the existing pedestrian and bicycle network and to track improvements made from voter-approved levy funds each year.

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