Maps and GIS

Bellevue offers a variety of standard PDF maps, downloadable spatial data and interactive web maps that help keep residents and visitors informed. Visit the full Map Gallery or preview featured interactive web maps below to explore city projects, plans and other city initiatives.

Please contact the GTS Team with any questions, comments or suggestions about our map offerings.

Bellevue Map Viewer

Bellevue map viewer home page view

Bellevue Map Viewer is an interactive map that allows the Bellevue community to access a variety of map layers such as parks and trails, capital projects, property information, utilities infrastructure, COVID-19 resources and more. The app has a variety of tools for tasks such as creating a printable PDF map, making measurements, or adding your own data and markup.

This viewer is mobile friendly so feel free to use it on your phone or tablet too, although some of the capabilities do work better on a larger device.

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Building Bellevue


This map provides information about large building projects being designed for the Downtown and BelRed neighborhoods.

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Trends in Transit

Image of bus

This tool helps monitor transit performance, presenting information about the number of people who get on/off the bus on average.

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Welcome to Bellevue


Explore Bellevue's many public amenities including schools, community centers, parks, neighborhoods, emergency response, and voting districts.

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Tech Startups

Thumbnail image of Tech startups story map, mobile-friendly

Browse local tech startup companies, co-working spaces, and incubator sites in Bellevue. Navigate the map's tabs to identify impacts and statistics.

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New Zealand Mudsnails

New Zealand Mudsnails thumbnail image indicating it is a mob

This gives an overview of New Zealand Mudsnails' origin, migration patterns and impact. Find out what has been done to track, monitor and contain these mudsnails.

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Community Resources | Mini City Hall

Crossroads Mini City Hall Image

Locate local and regional services such as childcare, healthcare, energy and rental financial assistance, food, and affordable housing in proximity to the Crossroads area.

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Vision Zero | Bellevue

Thumbnail image of the Vision Zero story map, a time-enabled

This time-aware story map shows severity and locations of collisions involving pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists over a 10-year period.

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Community Risk Assessment

Community Risk Assessment Image Preview

Interactive map for viewing and identifying trends of response incidents, risks, and fire protection systems together with community info.

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