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We seek to be a vital platform for cultural exchange and creative inspiration. Since 1979, acclaimed artists such as Jaehyo Lee, James Fitzgerald, Albert Paley, John Grade and Judy Onofrio have filled the city with creativity and innovation.

Bellevue Art Collection

Over 70 permanent and portable artworks document the dynamic moments and complexities of Bellevue’s cultural life, and these pieces serve as an important resource for future generations. A segment of the collection is devoted to artworks that raise the discourse on the defining aspects of Bellevue’s civic life, exploring the diverse identities of our residents, converging cultures, international connections, technological currents, and the interplay between nature and the urban experience that make Bellevue’s environment unique.

Current and Upcoming Projects

Explore upcoming Bellevue public art projects below.

This exhibition featured over 50 different artists bringing new kinds of art, activation, and expression to Bellevue, and condensed into a ten-day span. Bellwether 2019 is scheduled to run September 13 to September 22, 2019. For more information about the 2018 show, please visit

The City of Bellevue has selected artist Jill Anholt to lead the art and cultural planning of public art and other integrated creative features and cultural programs for the update of the BelRed Streetscape Plan. As part of this work, Jill will be develop two public art concepts for early implementation of the plan.

An artist will be working with the Bellevue Downtown Park design team to integrate a signature public art feature into a new park entrance. This project is currently in design.

Artist Po Shu Wang is currently working on developing a concept for the 130th Ave NE streetscape design team to integrate into the broader project. This project will be installed between the future Spring Boulevard and NE 20th Street in BelRed.

Update: Following a meet and greet event held on May 19, 2018 and completion of a community survey, artists Jim Hirschfield and Sonya Ishii have developed a concept for Lattawood Park for the art and lighting. To download and review the proposal and the results of the survey, click below:
Lattawood Park Art + Lighting Survey Results
Lattawood Park Art + Lighting Artwork Proposal

On December 11th, City Council adopted the Grand Connection Framework Plan which includes the arts and cultural element. The Grand Connection is a proposed pedestrian and bicycle corridor that spans from the future Meydenbauer Bay Park through Downtown, crossing I-405 and connecting to the Eastside Rail Corridor. The artists collective, SuttonBeresCuller, was selected to integrate arts and cultural components into the overall framework as it developed.

More information regarding the Grand Connection can be found at

Artists Laura Brodax, Stuart Nakamura, and Adam McIsaac are creating artworks that will be integrated into the park. Themes for the artwork draw off of Bellevue's history and environment. Construction is underway.

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