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The stormwater system in Bellevue is a combination of streams, lakes, wetlands, pipes, catch basins and flood control sites – private and public systems that eventually drain into either Lake Washington or Lake Sammamish. Bellevue Utilities:

  • Provides flood control;
  • Protects water quality;
  • Provides the safe conveyance of stormwater to streams, lakes and wetlands;
  • Protects natural habitat; and
  • Provides education to protect the environment.

Managing stormwater effectively involves cooperative efforts from both the private and public sectors. There are many things you can do to protect water quality.


  • Drainage Problem at Homes and Businesses: Contact Bellevue Utilities Operations and maintenance at 425-452-7840 or
  • Danger of Flooding at Homes and Business: Call Bellevue Utilities 24-hour Emergency Response at 425-452-7840.

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