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The stormwater system in Bellevue is a combination of streams, lakes, wetlands, pipes, catch basins and flood control sites – private and public systems that eventually drain into either Lake Washington or Lake Sammamish. Bellevue Utilities:

  • Provides flood control;
  • Protects water quality;
  • Provides the safe conveyance of stormwater to streams, lakes and wetlands;
  • Protects natural habitat; and
  • Provides education to protect the environment.

Managing stormwater effectively involves cooperative efforts from both the private and public sectors. There are many things you can do to protect water quality.


  • Drainage Problem at Homes and Businesses: Contact Bellevue Utilities Operations and maintenance at 425-452-7840 or
  • Danger of Flooding at Homes and Business: Call Bellevue Utilities 24-hour Emergency Response at 425-452-7840.

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Stormwater Survey

The Bellevue Stream Team is participating in a regional survey around stormwater issues and protection efforts. The goal is to make our stormwater outreach programs as effective as possible. The survey, launched in October by Bellevue, Bothell, Duvall, Kenmore, Woodinville and Newcastle, will close when we receive 400 responses from diverse age and gender demographics. If you are among those randomly selected to receive the survey by phone, text or online, we appreciate your response!

For questions about the survey, please contact Laurie Devereaux at 425-452-5200 or