Drainage Basins

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Bellevue has 25 drainage basins – areas of land that each drain to a stream or lake. City staff have prepared fact sheets that offer a snapshot of the built and natural conditions in each drainage basin.

Drainage basins are small watersheds, and have natural boundaries defined by the shape of the land and the flow of the water; smaller watersheds become part of larger watersheds. Each basin in Bellevue eventually drains to either Lake Sammamish or Lake Washington. Bellevue lies within the larger Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish watershed that drains to Puget Sound.

Choose a basin from the dropdown list under the map for detailed stream and land use information for that basin area. This page also has links to citywide maps, data and reports about the surface waters in Bellevue.

City of Bellevue Storm Drainage Basins Map

Citywide Maps: Streams, Water and Land Use

Citywide Data and Reports: Streams, Water and Land Use

  • Wet Season Rainfall Analysis

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