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The City of Bellevue contracts with Republic Services for garbage and recycling services. Republic Services collects on all holidays except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

Call Bellevue Utilities at 425-452-6932 for unresolved issues with Republic Services, or for help with recycling options.

Residential Recycling, Composting, and Garbage Guide

Single-Family Residents

  • Call Republic Services at 425-452-4762  for customer service, including billing and missed pickups.

Apartment and Condo Residents

  • Property managers of apartments and condominiums can contact Republic at 425-646-2492 , for customer service, including billing and missed pickups.

Other Resources

Become a better recycler with the following:

NEW! Zero Waste Holiday Guide
Zero Waste Holiday Guide

Make your holidays greener without losing memories or meaning. The “Zero Waste Holiday Guide” offers some of our top tips and ideas for reducing waste and recycling more over the holiday season.

In this downloadable guide:

  • Repurposing wrapping materials
  • Ideas for sustainable gifts
  • Storing food so holiday leftovers last longer
  • Composting food waste for free in your collection cart
  • Recycling specific holiday waste items like trees, gift wrap and lights
  • Zero Waste Holiday Crafts for kids