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Take the Refresh Recycling Pledge.

Join other businesses improving their recycling and taking pride in keeping more waste out of the landfill. See who's taken the pledge in Bellevue!

Refresh Recycling steps:

  • Review what your business currently recycles. Bellevue Utilities provides free on-site auditing.
  • Educate your employees about everything they can recycle in your building with signage, Bellevue Utilities can help you out with free posters.
  • Reminders, and training. Bellevue Utilities conducts staff presentations for local businesses.
  • Check recycling containers inside and outside the building to make sure recycling ends up in the right containers.
  • Purchase recycled content products where possible.
  • Check with custodial staff to confirm they know and understand the recycling collection plan.
  • Collect and recycle at least one of the following materials (not accepted in the commingled recycling container): Styrofoam, ink cartridges, batteries, or cell phones.

Take The Refresh Recycling Pledge

We, [NAME_HERE] will join a growing number of Bellevue businesses by pledging to:

  • Review how we currently collect recycling in our buildings (Are there enough recycling containers in the right places?)
  • Make sure employees know what goes where (signage or reminders?)
  • Help make sure recycling is ending up in the right dumpster (janitorial staff trained?)
  • Purchase recycled–content products when possible (paper or other products?)

Bonus: Our business will set up a process to collect and recycle at least one of the more challenging materials (which aren’t accepted in the regular recycling bin)

  • Styrofoam packaging or peanuts
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Batteries
  • Cell Phones
  • Electronics
  • Food waste (it's free)
  • Fluorescent Lights (twisty bulbs and tubes)
  • Carpet (during remodels) 

Contact us at or 425-452-6932. We will give you the guidance needed and answer any questions.

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