Solid Waste

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Recyclable materials - paper, plastic, glass, food, metal

Republic Services provides solid waste collection service for Bellevue residents and businesses. Bellevue Utilities administers programs to educate customers in environmentally-friendly waste practices. On these pages, find information and services for specific solid waste topics.

Report a missed pickup or service issue:

  • Residential customers: contact Republic Services (solid waste service provider) for customer service at 425-452-4762. 
  • Commercial and multifamily customers: contact 425-646-2492

Learn what can be recycled and how:

Dispose of household hazardous waste properly:

For help reducing waste

  • Commercial and multifamily properties: Contact for customized help to reduce waste, including staff training and support to begin composting service.
  • Take a FREE Greener Living workshop for practical tips in sorting recyclables, reducing food waste, shopping sustainably, and more!