Solid Waste

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Residents can get started recycling food scraps with a FREE kitchen composter

Recycle food scraps to prevent sewage backups.
Bellevue single-family residents can get started food scrap recycling with a free kitchen food waste container by calling your solid waste provider, Republic Services, at 425-452-4762.

Apartment and condo residents are eligible for free kitchen food waste containers if their property is signed up for organics service. If your building is, ask your property manager to call Bellevue Utilities' recycling hotline at 425-452-6932 to request containers. If not, ask your property manager to sign up for organics service and help keep more waste out of the landfill.

Keep the mess down by using compostable bags in your container. Get a free sample from King County by taking the Compost More, Waste Less Pledge.