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Permit Center Temporarily Closed

In order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and minimize infections, the Development Services Permit Center has been closed to walk in customers until further notice. We continue to accept permit applications and plans, and to provide all our services electronically. Our permitting process is 100% paperless. You can submit applications, upload plans and pay permit fees online at MyBuildingPermit.

City Council Approves Permit Extensions Due to COVID-19

The Bellevue City Council has approved an ordinance, effective April 20, 2020, extending the expiration date of building permit applications and issued building permits for 180 days (including electrical, mechanical and plumbing permit applications and issued permits). The ordinance also extends the expiration date of clearing and grading permit applications and issued clearing and grading permits for 180 days. This is to include the time period in which an applicant must commence work to prevent the permit from expiring. These extensions will apply only to complete permit applications or issued permits active on the effective date of this ordinance.

The purpose of a building permit is to ensure that construction projects are aligned with local, state and federal codes, ultimately ensuring that minimum safeguards for public and private health, safety and welfare are met.

Land use permits are issued to approve land development, designs and uses for future building construction. 

Projects that can require a permit include: 

We offer the following types of permits:

For information about permits issued by other departments, see: parks, residential parking, and business permit or license.  

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