• Transportation Options

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    As an employment hub and population center on the Eastside with more than 150,000 workers and 148,000 residents, Bellevue supports alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles for getting into, out of and around the city. To encourage that, the city has created Choose Your Way Bellevue, a one-stop resource for transportation alternatives to driving alone.

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    Benefits of transportation options

    Whether people choose to take a bus, walk, carpool or ride a bike, residents and commuters will realize benefits, including less traffic and less air pollution.

    The city has a Transportation Demand Management Program to encourage transportation modes other than solo driving and to maximize the efficiency of our existing transportation system.

    Reducing trips helps manage congestion, lowers spending on new transportation facilities and lessens neighborhood impacts. It can also help the city meet its goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, which accounts for approximately 44 percent of communitywide  emissions in Bellevue.