Neighborhood Sidewalk Program

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In 2007 the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program was established to help address the sidewalk needs and priorities of the city's many neighborhoods. Candidate sidewalk projects have been frequently requested and/or long supported by the residents in the community; however, in most cases these projects are too small to compete with larger projects for funding and too large to be completed by other capital programs such as the Neighborhood Enhancement Program and/or the Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Improvements Program.

The Transportation Commission selected these two sidewalk projects below which received the highest scores in the prioritization process. Planning and design began in 2013. Complete the form to request a neighborhood sidewalk in your community.

  • Southeast 16th Street - 104th Avenue Southeast to Bellevue Way: six foot sidewalk on the south side of the street.
    • This project was completed in 2015.
      image of SE 16th St Sidewalk before Construction
      image of SE 16th St Sidewalk after construction
  • 123rd Avenue Southeast - between Southeast 20th to 26th streets: five foot sidewalk on the east side of the street. The project design also included traffic calming elements to the speed of people driving in the adjacent school zone.
    • This project was completed in 2016.
      image of 123rd Ave SE sidewalk before construction
      image of 123rd Ave SE sidewalk before construction