Vision Zero Partnerships

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The City of Bellevue is committed to promoting collaboration and partnerships with the community to achieve its desired Vision Zero outcomes. This page highlights some of these partnerships.

Video Analytics Partnerships

The Video Analytics Towards Vision Zero project is a collaboration between the City of Bellevue and Brisk Synergies.

image of intersection diagram for video analytics project

The project uses Bellevue’s existing traffic cameras at key intersections to identify near-miss collisions between people driving, walking and bicycling. This insight could help the city proactively identify intersections for safety improvements—consistent with the city’s Vision Zero effort.

This strategic partnership with Brisk Synergies—formalized in 2019—is a continuation of work that commenced with Microsoft (see case study). Information on the previous partnership is available in an ITE Journal article, in an overview video (April 2017) and in a video about potential applications (August 2018).

Another company, Street Simplified, assisted the City of Bellevue with a pilot project that used video analytics to evaluate safety at the intersection of 108th Avenue NE and Main Street (see case study).

Data Partnerships

Bellevue is committed to collecting and analyzing data to understand the factors that impact the safety of our transportation system and leverage this insight to identify improvements and evaluate outcomes.

As part of its Safety Data Initiative, the US Department Transportation and Volpe Center collaborated with the City of Bellevue in piloting local safety applications of Waze data (see case study and WIRED Magazine story).

Safe People Partnerships

One in four drivers involved in fatalities or serious injuries in Bellevue is under 25 years old. Inattentive and distracted driving is associated with 20 percent of local fatal and serious injury collisions. Tune In, Not Out (TINO) is an education campaign partnership with the Bellevue School District and Washington DECA against teen distracted driving (see case study).