Vision Zero Action Plan

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The purpose of the Vision Zero Action Plan is to make our streets safe and reach the Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

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Collaborating with many partners, the Transportation Department is promoting coordinated solutions in engineering, education, encouragement, evaluation, equity, and enforcement. Together we will:
  • Consider Vision Zero best practices – including policies, programs, and strategies – that are successful elsewhere and applicable to Bellevue.
  • Coordinate with existing road safety efforts underway in Bellevue and Vision Zero initiatives elsewhere.
  • Engage community stakeholders in setting the priorities for investment in Vision Zero strategies.
  • Propose Vision Zero strategies through 2030, and the financial and staffing resources necessary for a phased implementation in the 2019 to 2022 time frame.

Project documents

Vision Zero Summit

As part of the work to create an action plan, the city organized a Bellevue Vision Zero Summit (event program -- PDF size: 56MB) on Feb. 13, 2019 at Overlake Medical Center.

Experts from across the state and nation spoke and Bellevue TV made video recordings of the presentation topics:

Outreach materials