• Fire Prevention

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    The Fire Prevention division serves the public by providing fire and life safety inspections, community education, and investigation services to help prevent fires, enhance public safety in all buildings and improve emergency responders' ability to manage an incident. By doing this, we help achieve a safe, vibrant and economically sustainable city.

    Note: During this COVID-19 health crisis, the City is still performing requested inspections.  For the protection of everyone involved, however, we have directed our staff not to enter areas where social distancing and safety cannot be achieved or if they observe someone displaying symptoms that are concerning.  We are also planning ahead in case this continually evolving situation reaches the point we cannot conduct inspections, but for now we continue to deliver services.  

    In the interest of protecting everyone's health, we require any contractor or owner requesting an inspection to notify us in advance if anyone on the jobsite or in the building area where the inspection will occur has experienced COVID-19 related symptoms. City management staff can then determine if it is safe for our staff to perform the inspection or to ensure our inspectors are prepared to use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

    Fire Prevention