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Our employees drive the success of the Bellevue Fire Department. Passionate, enthusiastic, engaged individuals driven to provide outstanding customer service create a culture of excellence. The Bellevue Fire Department is committed to recruiting a diverse workforce to serve a diverse community.

If you are interested in joining our team as a firefighter, this is the place to look. If you are age 14-21 and interested in a future career as a firefighter, check out our Fire Explorer program. If you are interested in an administrative position, those opportunities are advertised on the city employment page.

Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician

Apply through the National Testing Network. Candidates must pass a written exam and a candidate physical ability test (CPAT). CPAT scores are accepted from the National Testing Network, Public Safety Testing or any accredited CPAT provider. A variety of test dates and locations are available.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • 18 years old at time of application
  • U.S. citizen or lawful, permanent resident
  • High school graduate/GED
  • Valid driver’s license (Washington driver's license required at time of hire )
  • Ability to read and speak English

Further information is available the National Testing Network.