Fire Stations

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The Bellevue Fire Department has nine fire stations staffed 24 hours a day, with a minimum of 48 fire suppression personnel on at all time. All Bellevue Firefighters are also Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). In addition there are 8 Firefighter/Paramedics (EMT-P) on duty.

Seven of our stations staff a three person Engine company capable of responding to all fire and medical emergencies.

Two stations respond with a Light Force company. This consists of five firefighters manning both a 100’ aerial ladder truck and an engine that respond and operate as a single unit.

The Bellevue Fire Department also staffs three Aid Cars (BLS transport vehicles) and four Medic Units for ALS (Advanced Life Support) responses.

Operations are overseen by the Batallion Chief, providing administrative support as well as command and control at major incidents; and the Medical Service Officer (MSO) who oversees Paramedic and EMS response.

766 Bellevue Way SE

Engine 101 - Aid 101 - Battalion 101

Built in 1975, Station 1 serves Downtown and the Enatai and Beaux Arts neighborhoods and was previously home to Fire HQ.

2802 148th Ave SE

Engine 102 - Aid 102 - Medic 102 - MSO 105(Medic Supervisor)

The Pride of the South Side, Station 2 serves the Eastgate and West Lake Sammamish neighborhoods. The current station was built in 2002 replacing the original 1955 building at this site.

16100 NE 8th St

Light Force 103 - Aid 103 - Rescue 103

The busy Crossroads and Northeast Bellevue communities are served by Station 3. Built in 1983 this station is the previous home of Fire Dispatch and houses the fire pole from the original Station 1, although it is no longer in service.

4216 Factoria Blvd. SE

Engine 104

Factoria and Somerset are served by Fire Station 4. Originally built in 1965 for Fire District 14, the station closed its doors in 1969, but reopened in 1980 staffed by Bellevue Fire personnel.

9621 NE 24th St.

Engine 105

Station 5, built in 1967, serves NW Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina, Hunt's Point, and Yarrow Point. The building was previously shared by the Clyde Hill Police Department.

1850 132nd Ave. NE

Engine 106 - Zone 1 Haz-Mat Unit

The Bel-Red corridor and Bridle Trails neighborhood are served by Bellevue Fire Station 6. At least one Hazardous Materials Technician is always on duty to respond with the Zone One Hazmat Team.

11900 SE 8th St

Light Force 107

The Wilburton and Woodridge area is served by Station 7, built in 1985 for its close proximity to major roadways and the downtown corridor. This station was the home to the first Light Force company in the city in 1994.

5701 Lakemont Blvd SE

Engine 108 - Air Unit 101

Constructed in 1995 Station 8 is Bellevue's newest station and serves the Cougar Mountain and Lakemont areas. The high elevation often makes it the only station affected by snowfall. This station also has a small 4x4 vehicle for off-road access to its many trails and forested areas.

12412 Newcastle Way

Engine 109 - Mobile Command Unit

First opened in 1975 as Renton Station 17, Bellevue Station 9 has served Newport Hills and the City of Newcastle since 1995. The Police and Fire Mobile Command Unit is housed here for use during major incidents.

1217 112th Ave NE (Approximate Address)

Add Engine 110 - Relocate Aid 101 and Battalion 101

Fire Station 10 will improve response times for fire and medical emergencies in the Northwest Bellevue, Downtown, and Bel-Red areas. The new station is especially important for the growing number of high rise structures that include “vertical response time” to reach a fire or medical emergency in the upper floors.
Proposed construction will take place in 2020-2021 with an occupancy date of 2022.

FAQ and Updates

Overlake Hospital
1035 116th Ave NE

Medic 101

The Bellevue Fire Department’s first Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic Unit went into service on September 5, 1972. The city of Bellevue was the second department to join the King County Medic One program.

Bellevue Fire - Station 2
2802 148th Ave SE

Medic 102

Eastside Fire & Rescue - Station 87
500 Maloney Grove Ave. SE, North Bend

Medic 103

Eastside Fire & Rescue - Station 73
1280 NE Park St, Issaquah

Medic 104

450 110th Ave NE

The third floor of Bellevue City Hall is home to Fire Administration as well as Fire Prevention and the Office of Emergency Management.

1838 116th Ave NE

The Bellevue Public Training Center is a joint training facility used by the Bellevue Fire Department and Bellevue Police Department. In addition to serving the training needs of Bellevue firefighters and police officers, the facility is regularly used to host specialized public safety training and enhance the operational readiness and coordination between local and regional partners.