In coming years, the Wilburton area will witness the arrival of several major infrastructure improvements. The Eastside Rail Corridor will open to bicyclists and pedestrians, creating a separate-from-traffic bike and pedestrian connection from Woodinville to Renton. In 2023, East Link, the region's second light rail line, will open to its first riders, providing frequent and reliable service from Wilburton to Seattle's Capitol Hill in just 29 minutes.

In order to take better advantage of these investments, the City of Bellevue is considering planning and land use code updates in the Wilburton area to improve amenities, incentivize transit- and trail-oriented development, and establish a unique identity for the area.


The city will consider and adopt changes to the zoning map, zoning code, Comprehensive Plan and land use code to facilitate redevelopment in the Wilburton study area. Staff anticipates adoption by the City Council in 2019/2020.

Opportunities to Engage

Pending direction from the City Council, we anticipate additional engagement opportunities starting in mid to late 2019 as staff works to implement land use code updates envisioned by the plan.

Progress to Date

Citizen Advisory Committee Vision Report

The Wilburton Commercial Area visioning process has been guided by a Council-appointed citizen advisory committee (CAC). The committee was charged with studying the land use, transportation and urban design elements for the study area. On July 2, 2018, the CAC transmitted their final report with corrections to the City Council. It includes a series of recommendations for council consideration. Staff is planning to return to the council in the fall of 2018 for formal direction on next steps.

CAC Meeting Schedule

 Date and Time  Topics Discussed


 1/5/2017  Project context  Materials and Agenda
Briefing BookPresentationMeeting Minutes
 2/2/2017  Context and opportunities
​ Materials and AgendaPresentationMeeting Minutes
 3/2/2017  Character, height and density  Materials and AgendaPresentationMeeting Minutes
 4/6/2017  Height and density  Materials and AgendaMeeting PresentationEtsekson PresentationWoosley PresentationFinkbeiner PresentationEastridge PresentationKG Investment PresentationMeeting Minutes
 5/4/2017  Height and density  Materials and AgendaMeeting PresentationMeeting Minutes
 6/1/2017  Height and density, transportation  Materials and AgendaMeeting PresentationMeeting Minutes
 7/6/2017  Performance measures, block permeability  Materials and AgendaMeeting PresentationMeeting Minutes
 Affordable housing, design, character  Materials and AgendaMeeting PresentationMeeting Minutes
 Affordable housing, visioning  Materials and AgendaMeeting Presentation
 Economic development, building form, design  Materials and AgendaMeeting Presentation
 Design vision statements, affordable housing  Materials and Agenda
 Affordable housing principles, design principles  Materials and Agenda, Meeting Presentation
 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)  Materials and Agenda
 4/5/2018  Transmittal of Recommendations  Materials and AgendaMeeting Minutes 


Project Status and Timeline

The Wilburton project is currently in the Planning stage. We anticipate Council adoption in 2019/2020.

Project Phase Approximate Date
 Scoping Before 2017
 Visioning Spring - Fall 2017
 Feasibility Studies Summer 2017 - Winter 2018
 Planning 2018 - 2019
 Land Use Code 2019 - 2020
 Monitoring & Control Ongoing after Adoption


Emil A. KingStrategic Planning Manager




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