Countywide Planning Policies Ratifications

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Amendments to King County countywide planning policies take effect when at least 30 percent of the city and county governments, representing 70 percent of the county's population, ratify them. A city will be deemed to have ratified amendments unless, within 90 days of adoption by King County, the city takes legislative action to disapprove the amendments.

Since 2005, Bellevue has ratified the following Countywide Planning Policy amendments:

  • Amendments 2017: Amend UGA map and PAA maps (Resolution 9267)
  • Amendments 2016: Amend Policy H-8 to address CPP strategies for providing affordable housing (Resolution 9113)
  • Amendments 2015: add PF-19A outlining a process for jurisdictions working together to identify future school sites within the UGA (Resolution 9000)
  • Amendments 2014: Greenhouse Gasses amend EN-17 and add EN-18A (Resolution 8892)
  • Buildable Lands 2014 (see below)
  • Amendments 2014: Klahanie PAA transfer, amend CPP DP-17, Maple Valley PAA (Resolution 8829)
  • Amendments 2013: Central Issaquah Urban Core urban center designation add (Resolution 8767)
  • Amendments 2012: appendices and urban growth area maps (Resolution 8512)
  • Amendments 2010: transit (Resolution 8158)
  • 2006 - 2031 Housing Employment Growth Targets 2010 (Resolution 8088)
  • Potential Annexation Area Amendments 2008 (Resolution 7891)
  • Potential Annexation Area Amendments 2008 (Resolution 7788)
  • Buildable Lands 2007 (Resolution 7754)
  • Potential Annexation Area Amendments 2005 (Resolution 7167)

Find more information at the Countywide Planning Policies and the current Buildable Lands Report.