Fire Permits

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Our Fire Prevention Officers work closely with design professionals, contractors, building owners and managers, and event promoters to ensure compliance with all fire codes and standards. Learn more about fire permits.

Fire Permits in Bellevue:

  • Fire Alarm
    Any addition, replacement, relocation or modification to a fire alarm system. (FA)
  • Commercial Fire Sprinkler

    Projects that require plan review and include all commercial projects adding, removing or relocating 25 sprinklers or more and any installation of new systems, regardless of size (dry, wet, anti-freeze, pre-action, etc.) (FB)

  • Residential Fire Sprinkler
    All automatic sprinkler work associated with residential sprinkler systems. (FC)
  • Fixed Fire Suppression
    Installation or modification of kitchen hood systems, special extinguishing systems, clean agent systems, etc. (FF)
  • In Building Radio System
    All work involving in building radio coverage systems for city emergency services workers (800 MHz systems). (FE)
  • Smoke Control
    All projects adding or modifying active and/or passive smoke control systems, including shaft pressurization and zoned floor smoke control. (FH)
  • Underground Sprinkler Main
    All work involving underground fire service mains, fire department connections and isolation valves. (FD)
  • Fire Permits for Contract Cities
    The Bellevue Fire Department provides fire prevention services, including plan review and inspections, for the communities of Beaux Arts, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Medina, Newcastle, and Yarrow Point.

Miscellaneous Fire Permits

All work involving the installation or modification of compressed gases, flammable and combustible liquids, gates, hazardous materials, LP gas, spraying or dipping (spray room, dip tank or booth), temporary tent (not covered by a temporary use permit) and decommissioning of a storage tank. (FR)

Plan Requirements for Miscellaneous Fire Permits:

(As they apply to your project)

  • Hazardous Materials Inventory Sheet (HMIS)
  • Manufacturer's Equipment Sheet
  • Site Plan
  • Shop Drawing
    • All drawings must be to scale. All equipment must be labeled and a corresponding legend is required.

Submittal Information and Forms

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Operational Fire Permits

Go to the Fire Prevention - Operational Permits page for information about operational fire permits issued through the Fire Marshal's Office.


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