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We provide water, sewer and surface water utilities within Bellevue city limits. We also provide water and sewer utilities to Medina, Clyde Hill, Yarrow Point and Hunts Point. (Those communities provide their own surface water utility.)

Contact us before you start any project that includes a new connection, reconnection or service upgrade to one of these utilities. You will likely need a permit for your project. The purpose of the permit is to help ensure the work is up to current standards and to protect the public infrastructure from potential adverse impacts.

Apply Online

All utilities permit applications must be submitted online at MyBuildingPermit. Paper applications and plans for these permits will not be accepted.

Learn about our online permitting services.

Explore our utilities permits:

  • Side Sewer
    Required to make a new connection to the sewer system or to make changes to an existing sanitary side sewer. Work for a private sewer connection. (UA)
  • Storm Drainage
    Required for new connections to the storm drain system, repairs, reconstruction or on-site management of storm and surface water. Work on a private storm connection. (UB)
  • Utility Developer Extension Agreement
    Required to extend the public utility infrastructure to serve a private development. Contractual agreement for installation of a water main or sewer main and/or storm drainage system. (UE)
  • Water Service
    Required for new or upgraded water services, city-installed water meter or full service installation. (UC)

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