Outdoor Rentals

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Clyde Beach Park

NOTICE:  The City does not accept outdoor reservations at Meydenbauer Bay Park and Surrey Downs Park.  These parks are open for everyone, and all areas are first-come, first-served.  

Celebrate your next corporate, family or social gathering at one of our beautiful parks. Check park availability by emailing parkrental@bellevuewa.gov with the park name, site, time frame and date(s) interested.

Park Use Guidelines - Important information on the reservation process, your rights, privileges and responsibilities as a renter, special uses and city codes, policies and ordinances of which you should be aware. When signing the Agreement section of the request form, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agree to comply with the Park Use Guidelines.

Park Reservation Request Form - Complete this form by following the instructions on the top. Incomplete and/or digitally-altered request forms will not be processed.

Picnic Site Information - A matrix of all parks with picnic sites available for reservation.

Park Use Fees - Fees broken out into park sites with shelters, park sites without shelters, and then by half-day or full-day use, based upon weekday or weekend use.

Park Special Use Form - Would you like your park rental to include any special uses (such as catering, inflatable rides, entertainment, games, etc.), or is a company providing additional equipment? If so, the Park Special Use Form is required if you are hiring a company. Complete the form by following the instructions on the top.