• Athletic Field Reservations

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    Ball fields are open!  We are accepting reservations for practices, following the Washington State Phase 2 Guidelines for outdoor recreation and sports.

    Agreement to Comply with COVID-19 Safety Requirements 

    2020 Field Scheduling Notes, Reminders & Tips

    The Parks Scheduling Office coordinates use for all City of Bellevue athletic fields. Reservations can be made for Formal Field Use (ongoing use for the full season, tournaments or sports camps) or Informal Field Use (one-time or a few select dates). Some examples of Informal Field Use would be a school field day, team practices prior to the season, company picnic, family event, birthday party or group of friends.

    Parks Scheduling Office

    • Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    • Phone: 425-452-6914
    • Email: BallfieldRental@bellevuewa.gov
    • Field Closure Line: 425-452-4860
    • Field Lights Number: 425-452-2864, leave a message.


    Initial Requests (for the calendar year)

    Request Form for Formal Field Use - Submit separate request forms for different basepath distances, camp use, each tournament and each season of regular field use. Can also be used anytime several reservations are wanted.

    Request Form for Informal Field Use - Use this form for one-time use or just select dates. For example: team practice, company picnic, gathering of friends, or family birthday party. 

    Adding or Changing Current Reservations

    Other Forms

    Concussion Compliance Form - Required from all youth non-profit groups requesting field time at Bannerwood, North Robinswood or Ivanhoe.
    Credit Card Authorization Form - Not required. Only needed if a group wants to have a Visa/MasterCard number on file with the City of Bellevue.
    How are we doing? - Not required. Submit to applaud what we are doing well or let us know about issues where improvements might be needed.
    Post-Season League Report - Required from all returning groups.
    Request for Seasonal Concessions - Submit if you want to sell items or food at the field, such as during a tournament.
    Sports Camp Checklist - Submit two weeks prior to camp use to provide helpful information.
    Tournament Checklist - Submit two weeks prior to tournament use to provide helpful information.

    Athletic Field Reference Information

    List of Fields - 2020 List of fields reserved by the City of Bellevue.  
    Field Rental Fees - 2020 Rental fees based on the age group, sport, quality of the field and type of use. 
    Fees by Field - 2020 Alphabetical listing of fields and the associated fees based on age group and type of use.  
    Lights and Darkness Schedule2020 Time of dusk and (new for 2020) now includes the time light fees will be charged, based on date of use and field.  
    Field Scheduling Timeline - Submission deadlines for field request forms, based on when the fields are wanted. 

    Athletic Field Scheduling Process, What To Know, and FAQs

    Athletic Field Contact Information
    Athletic Field Definitions
    Making an Athletic Field Reservation
    Process after a Request Form has been Submitted
    Adding or Changing an Athletic Field Reservation
    At-the-Field Information

    Field Light Questions & Issues
    Field Closure Information
    After Using an Athletic Field


    For more information about scheduling use on a Bellevue School District elementary, middle, or high school field, please visit the BSD website.