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Downtown Park

10201 NE 4th St

Bellevue Downtown Park is a 21-acre oasis of green in the heart of Bellevue. A one-half mile promenade, bordered by a double row of shade trees, and a stepped canal, brings one to the 240-foot wide waterfall that cascades into a reflecting pond. A ten-acre lawn area invites one to pause for a picnic with Bellevue’s skyline and Mount Rainier in the background. The park’s delightful play area and formal gardens add to family enjoyment and serve as a backdrop for community events.

Inspiration Playground

The Inspiration Playground water features open for the season on Friday, May 28

Water will be on 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day, through Labor Day.

Please observe appropriate physical distancing and personal protective measures as defined by Washington State Department of Health.

The playground is open year-round.  The playground provides for year-round enjoyment with or without spraying water. 

Downtown Park's Inspiration Playground

Many thanks to Bellevue Rotary Club for helping to expand the original playground in the Downtown Park to include an innovative play space where kids of all ages and abilities can play and explore at their own pace. Dedicated to fun, imagination and learning, it is a universally-accessible play experience - a truly Inspiration(al) Playground. The new playground offers interactive features that engage the senses, create inclusiveness and accommodate children of all abilities and their caregivers.

Volunteer to be an Inspiration Playground Ambassador!

If you would like to support Bellevue Rotary Club's Inspiration Playground fundraising efforts, please visit

Parking Lots

There are two parking lots for the Downtown Park. Both are within close proximity to the Inspiration Playground:

  • The main lot is on 100th Avenue NE, and the entry is near the mid-block of 100th between NE 4th Street and NE 1st Street.
  • The secondary lot is on NE 1st Street near the intersection of NE 1st and 100th Avenue NE. This lot is immediately adjacent to the playground.

Park Hours

Bellevue Downtown Park is open from half an hour before sunrise to 11 p.m., according to Bellevue City Code.

Donation Benches

Did you know Downtown Park has over 140 Park benches?  Many of which have been donated through our Donation Bench Program? Due to the program’s popularity & the abundance of benches at the park, we have discontinued the Donation Bench Program at the Downtown Park.  We are no longer accepting applications for Donation benches at the Downtown Park. However, if you are interested in another City of Bellevue Park please see the Donation Bench Program page for more information or contact Sheryl Humphrey at 425-452-4433 or

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