Beach Park Rules

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Trail in Coal Creek Natural Area

The Parks & Community Services Department has enacted swimming beach rules to safeguard park users and to ensure a pleasant visit:

  • Children must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult.
  • Swimmers must stay within outer float lines and log booms.
  • All inner tubes and floating aids must be kept inside the designated shallow area.
  • Swimmers must stay within designated areas and are prohibited from swimming out of park swimming areas.
  • Lifesaving equipment is for emergency use and/or official use only.
  • All swimmers must be able to complete a swimming skills test before entering the deep-water areas. Swim tests must be supervised by the lifeguard staff on duty.
  • Any floatation devices entering the swimming area must be approved by the lifeguard staff.

The following acts are prohibited in Bellevue Parks:

  • Scuba diving
  • Swimming under docks or floats
  • Sitting on float lines or log booms
  • Running on docks, ramps or floats
  • Diving from docks, ramps or floats
  • Swimming in boat launch areas

Violation of any section of Bellevue's Parks and Recreation Facilities Code is a misdemeanor.

Parks and Recreation Facilities Code 3.43.320 : Expulsion from parks
Pursuant to the chapter in Bellevue's Parks and Recreation Facilities Code concerning expulsion from parks, swimmers must obey the aforementioned swimming beach rules and lawful directions of the lifeguard. The lifeguard may expel a visitor from a park for one to seven days for violation of any ordinance or swimming rule.

Parks and Recreation Facilities Code3.43.130 : Dogs and pets - prohibited areas
It is unlawful for any person to permit any dog or other pet in any area in a park designated and posted by the city manager or his or her designee as a game refuge, sanctuary or reserve, or to permit such dog or other pet to molest or disturb wildlife therein or the nest or breeding place of any such wildlife, or to permit any dog or other pet to enter any other area which the city manger or his or her designee has posted as a place prohibited to animals.

Parks and Recreation Facilities Code 3.43.135 : Dogs and pets - prohibited on certain beaches
It is unlawful for any person to permit any dog or pet to be in the following beach parks or water recreation areas from June 1 through September 15:

  • Chesterfield Beach Park
  • Chism Beach Park
  • Clyde Beach Park
  • Enatai Beach Park
  • Meydenbauer Beach Park
  • Newcastle Beach Park
  • West Tributary of Kelsey Creek, Kelsey Creek Community Park