Project Proposal

For preparation and submittal information refer to Electronic Plan Requirements and Electronic Review Efficiency. For questions regarding your plan submittals, contact your land use planner.

Description of Proposal and Design Intent

Describe the total proposal and how it complies with the Design Review Criteria, the CB, Downtown, NB, Transition Area or other relevant design criteria of the Land Use Code.

Relate the criteria to the site:

  • Structures, existing and proposed
  • Planting
  • The context of surrounding environment 
  • Transition zoning (if applicable)
  • Parking (include number of proposed spaces by use) 
  • Building area by use, building height and square footage
  • Concomitant or legal agreements (identifying by name and file or recording number all concomitant agreements, rezone conditions, parking agreements, or any other legal agreements affecting site development; attach a copy of each agreement)
  • Overall consistency with plans and policies.

Color Samples and Building Materials

Provide samples of exterior materials and/or colors, keyed to elevations of the building. Provide details of and color samples of exterior architecture features (i.e., awnings, arcades) and street furniture. 

Amenity Plans, Elevations and Proposed Amenity Chart

Provide conceptual designs to scale, including plan section, elevation and perspective.

Diagram all proposed site-related amenities, plazas, landscape features, arcades, etc. Note in square feet or linear feet as appropriate. 

Bird's Eye Perspective

Include the surrounding adjacent properties, correctly proportioned, with visual contrast between proposed and existing development


Massing Model: Include, at minimum, contours at a 2-foot interval and adjacent existing and proposed structures.