Home Occupation Permit

Business conducted in a dwelling by a resident of that dwelling; the business must be largely incidental to use of the premises as a dwelling.

In a nonresidential land use district, a home occupation permit must be obtained or all commercial development standards must be met.

Exemption: A business which has no external indication of commercial activity—including no nonresident employees, no client visits, no business-related deliveries and no vehicle signage—is exempt from a Home Occupation Permit but will require a City of Bellevue Business Registration. See Land Use Code 20.30N. (LH)

Apply for this permit online at MyBuildingPermit. When entering your Application Information, choose the following:

  1. Application type: Land Use
  2. Project type: Single Family Residential
  3. Activity type: Use Approval
  4. Scope of work: Home Occupation

Required Documents 

For assistance with electronic plan submittals, refer to Requirements for Electronic Plans

Fees and Timelines