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Residents and staff chat on a Neighborhood Walk in 2018.

The votes are in!

Thank you to Lake Hills residents for your participation in the Neighborhood Enhancement Program.

Six capital improvement projects will be funded from the $508,000 Lake Hills allotted budget, thanks to the 746 ballots that were returned:

Bat Houses at Lake Hills Greenbelt: This project will install a series of bat houses (2-5) along the Lake Hills Greenbelt trail system. Bats provide many benefits including: (1) Bats are a vital part of the ecosystems in which they live. (2) Many are considered “keystone species” because so many other plants and animals depend on them for survival. (3) Bats are predators of night-flying insects such as mosquitos, moths, beetles and flies. Bat droppings are one of the world’s best fertilizers. Project Manager: Jammie Kingham (425-452-6048); Estimated project completion:  Summer 2021

Wetland Improvements at Phantom Lake Park: This project will restore roughly two (2) acres of wetland buffer around Phantom Lake. Restoration will include removing invasive plant vegetation and planting native conifer trees and native shrubs to improve water quality and wildlife habitat. Project Manager: Jammie Kingham (425-452-6048); Estimated project stages: design/permitting 2020, project completion: 2021.

Flashing Crosswalk at SE 4th Street and 156th Ave SE: This project will install a new marked crosswalk and a push-activated flashing crosswalk over 156th Ave SE at SE 4th St. A new concrete bus pad will be added at existing northbound bus stop. Project will require clearing shrubs and reconstructing curb ramp on east side of the street. Project Manager:  Ellen Webster (425-452-7671); Estimated project completion: Fall 2022.

NE 6th Wetlands Improvements (South side of NE 6th St, between 148th Ave NE and 150th Pl SE): This project will improve Kelsey Creek wetland habitat by removing invasive vegetation and replanting with native trees and shrubs. The focus of this project will be to introduce suitable conifer tree species within the existing tree canopy that is currently dominated with short lived, deciduous, pioneer tree species. This increase in biodiversity will provide functional lift of the existing wetland ecosystem. Project Manager: Rick Bailey (425-452-6031); Estimated project completion: December 2022.

Main Street Median Landscape Refurbishment: This project will include landscape renovation and beautification to the medians on Main Street between 140th Ave NE and 156th Ave NE. This project will replace the existing landscaping where practical, with plant selection to specifically avoid sight distance problems and enhance neighborhood character. Existing trees will remain in place. Actual areas to be renovated will be determined after investigation of the site and any determination of future impacts to the area. Irrigation will be upgraded to a more efficient system to further water conservation goals. Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall (425-452-7924); Estimated project completion: Late 2021/Early 2022.

Robinswood Park Adult Exercise Equipment: This project will add five or six pieces of adult exercise equipment similar to those at Wilburton Park Play Area. Project will include curbing and surfacing. Project Manager: Ernie Podaca (425-452-42932);  Estimated project completion: August 2020.

NEP is a commitment from Bellevue City Council to provide residents with the opportunity to enhance their individual neighborhood areas through city-funded, small capital improvement projects. In 2015, the council approved $5 million for the program over a seven-year period to serve two NEP programs a year. The budget is distributed among each of the NEP neighborhood areas, according to the number of households in each area.

For more information about the specifics of the city’s NEP program, contact NEP Coordinator, Theresa Cuthill at

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