Check out what your neighbors are saying about NEP and learn how you can participate, in this informational video: What is NEP?

The votes are in!

Thank you to Wilburton residents for your participation in the Neighborhood Enhancement Program.

Three new capital improvement projects will be funded from the $133,000 Wilburton allotted budget, thanks to the 282 ballots that were returned:

Wilburton Corner Street Lighting: This project will install new LED streetlights on existing PSE utility poles at select intersections of neighborhood streets in the Wilburton area. Up to six (6) new streetlights will be installed. Ongoing electricity costs will be paid for by the city. Project Manager: Max Scheideman (425-452-6141); mscheidema@bellevuewa.gov

Wilburton Hill Park Ivy Out: This project will involve the removal of non-native English ivy (Hedera helix) from natural forested areas within Wilburton Hill Park. The scope of work will involve removal of English ivy from the forest floor and removal of ivy growing up existing native trees. Although ivy will be the primary target, other non-native invasive weeds such as hawthorn, Himalayan blackberry and periwinkle will also be removed. All the areas impacted by the removal of invasive weeds will be replanted with native trees and shrubs that are suitable for site conditions. The new plantings will be watered and maintained by city staff until they are established and self-sustainable. This project will result in a more diverse and healthy forest ecosystem at Wilburton Hill Park that will enhance wildlife habitat and improve ecosystem functions. Project Manager: Rick Bailey (425-452-6031); ribailey@bellevuewa.gov

Kelsey Pollinator Interpretive Display at Kelsey Creek Park: Bees are excellent pollinators and essential for life on earth. Bees alone are responsible for about one-third of the food we eat. Agriculture is highly dependent on honeybees. Honeybee populations have been in decline for the past decade. This project will create a living, interactive interpretive exhibit at Kelsey Creek Farm. The exhibit will include an observation hive, interpretive signage, and possibly incorporate installation of non-stinging mason bee nests in the park. Project Manager: Jammie Kingham (425-452-6048); jkingham@bellevuewa.gov

A Wilburton NEP Newsletter was mailed to each household in your area with complete voting results.

The Wilburton NEP kicked off in April 2020 with 64 resident-identified project ideas submitted. Those projects were then reviewed for accessibility, feasibility, cost, timeliness and maintainability to determine which were eligible to become ballot projects. 10 projects were chosen and voted on by area residents. The top three projects receiving votes (listed above) will be installed over the next 3-5 years.

NEP is a commitment from Bellevue’s City Council to provide residents with the opportunity to enhance their individual neighborhood areas through city-funded, small capital improvement projects. In 2015, the Council approved $5-million for the program over a seven-year period to serve two NEP programs a year. The budget is distributed among each of the NEP neighborhood areas, according to the number of households in each area.

For more information about the specifics of the city’s NEP program, contact NEP Coordinator, Theresa Cuthill at tcuthill@bellevuewa.gov.

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April 2020 - November 2020