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Residents and staff chat on a Neighborhood Walk in 2018.

Two capital improvement projects received NEP funding in the fall of 2017 as chosen by Cougar Mountain/Lakemont residents from a ballot of 27 projects.

Lewis Creek Park Wetland Buffer Enhancement: This project restored the degraded wetland buffer, east of the Lewis Creek Park Visitor Center, and adjacent to the walking trail. The restoration included removing the existing, invasive vegetation and planting new, native plants. Project completed: November 2018.

Project Manager: Rick Bailey ( or 425-452-6031)

Lakemont Boulevard SE Path: This project removed existing brush and vegetation along the east side of Lakemont Boulevard SE, between the Lewis Creek Park Trailhead and SE 62nd Street to create a six-foot wide concrete sidewalk for pedestrians. Project completed: Summer 2019.

Project Manager: Dave Rendle ( or 425-452-6453) 

Project Progress

Image of Lewis Creek Park buffer enhancement project before
Image of Lewis Creek Park buffer enhancement project after p

The Lewis Creek Park Buffer Enhancement project before and after!

Process Materials & Resources

Cougar Mountain-Lakemont Neighborhood Area Map
Cougar Mountain-Lakemont Neighborhood Area Profile
Cougar Mountain-Lakemont April 2016 Kick-Off Meeting Presentation
Cougar Mountain-Lakemont September 2016 Open House Presentation
Cougar Mountain-Lakemont Ballot Project Descriptions (1- 13)
Cougar Mountain-Lakemont Ballot Project Descriptions (14- 27)
Cougar Mountain-Lakemont Ballot Project Location Map
Cougar Mountain-Lakemont Newsletter
Cougar Mountain-Lakemont Voting Households Map


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