Northeast Bellevue

Project Status

The early planning stages of work has begun on the three projects that were voted in by residents in the Northeast Bellevue neighborhood area:  

  1. Improvements to the Ardmore Park playground
  2. Landscaping the eastern side of 164th Avenue Northeast, between Northeast Eighth Street and Northup Way
  3. A four-foot-wide, multi-use trail through Ardmore Park

Updates will be provided on this page as work progresses, so check back here or feel free to contact NEP Coordinator, Theresa Cuthill at

The NEP program is a commitment from Bellevue’s City Council to provide residents with the opportunity to enhance their individual neighborhood areas through city-funded, small capital improvement projects. In 2015, the council approved $5 million for the program over a seven-year period to serve two NEP programs a year. The program rotates each year with two neighborhood areas receiving funds. The budget is distributed among each of the NEP neighborhood areas, according to the number of households in each area. 

Process Materials and Resources



Theresa CuthillNEP Coordinator





April 2016 - December 2017



Funded Projects

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