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Residents and staff chat on a Neighborhood Walk in 2018.

The early planning stages of work has begun on the three projects that were voted in by residents in the Northeast Bellevue neighborhood area in 2017:

164th Ave NE Landscaping: This project will improve the appearance of the eastern side of 164th Avenue NE, between NE 8th Street and Northup Way, to support a more pleasant pedestrian experience. This project will provide landscaping in the existing grass ditch, between the street and the pathway, as well as the grassy strip between the pathway and the fence line. Project status: Project is tied to Department of Ecology grant funding. Currently refining scope of the grant and schedule, based on permit timing. Project Managers: Tom Kuykendall, Scott MacDonald Estimated Project completion: Spring 2022 

Ardmore Playground Improvement: This project includes toilet facilities, fencing and playground equipment modifications. The existing post and rail fencing around the playground will be replaced with new black vinyl chain link fencing. The open entry to the play area will be moved from the north side to the east side or west side of the playground. In addition, a new playground sandbox with "digger" equipment will be installed within the existing footprint of the playground area. The existing bouncers will be replaced with a teeter totter. The clubhouse will be replaced with a new rotating climber. These improvements will be added to the scope of a planned project to replace the playground equipment. Project Completed: Summer 2019.

Ardmore Park Trail: This project will provide a four-foot-wide, multi-use trail through Ardmore Park. The project will include two wayfinding trail bollards and a 40-foot-long pedestrian bridge over the stream. The trail will begin at the northeast corner of Ardmore Park, north of NE 26th Court and travel southwest until intersecting with the existing trail. This project will bring an existing social trail into compliance with the City of Bellevue trail standards, as well as incorporate reforestation and habitat enhancement opportunities for community volunteer participation. Project Status: Consultant has started permitting process. Project Manager: Chris Vandall. Project Completed: Fall 2019.

Please contact project managers with any questions regarding specific projects or feel free to contact NEP Coordinator, Theresa Cuthill at or 425-452-4186.

The NEP program is a commitment from Bellevue’s City Council to provide residents with the opportunity to enhance their individual neighborhood areas through city-funded, small capital improvement projects. In 2015, the council approved $5 million for the program over a seven-year period to serve two NEP programs a year. The program rotates each year with two neighborhood areas receiving funds. The budget is distributed among each of the NEP neighborhood areas, according to the number of households in each area.

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